Transforming Your leaders

From Good To Great

Progressive Leadership’s customized workshops provide practical skills and proven management tools that drive adoption of any business transformation. We don’t lecture people and don’t use cookie-cutter learning programs. We recognize that people are unique, organizational cultures are a real thing, and that adult learners learn differently. Therefore, all our workshops are customized and delivered to address your business needs.

We also offer individual and team coaching after our workshops to supplement the individual learning curve and increase adoption and accountability.

Our learning workshops are very unique and very effective. The only thing that we expect from our participants is hands-on participation, an open mind and real tough change challenges. Whether you’re looking to conduct a comprehensive learning needs assessment, create new training curricula, design and deliver training courses, or build a leadership program, we can help you. We are not only experts in adult learning theories but also experts in what we teach!

Why Our Approach

Statistics show that the typical training experience has been shown to increase employee productivity only by 20-25%.

However, customized training can increase productivity by 88%, as has been confirmed by Industry Experts. Every training we provide, we customize to build your learner needs and organizational goals. Through our pragmatic business transformation experience, instructional design principles and the innovative use of coaching, we build impactful learning experiences to enhance the quality of your training efforts.

From Good To Great
Innovative Learning Solutions

Our Promise To You

  •  Seasoned facilitators with real world business experience

  •  Flexible delivery options including virtual learning, in person training

  • Skills integration through application focus and real time coaching (individual and team coaching)

  • Customized learning solutions to address your business needs

  • Mentoring programs to supplement the individual learning curve

  • Our commitment to make a meaningful difference

Building Capability Across Functions

Business success, now more than ever, hinges on your ability to develop good leaders at all levels of your organization.

If your company is rolling out new systems and methodologies… has been recently acquired or merged with another organization… or is involved with multiple transformational initiatives, let us help you address your specific training needs and make a difference with your strategic initiatives.

Topics That We Train

  • Change Management Bootcamp

    A hands-on workshop for executives and their teams leading transformational initiatives. Innovative tools & insights to create a true change organization

  • Change Resiliency

    Learn practical reinvention and resilience skills to lead change through uncertainty and constant disruption

  • Communities of Practice

    Learn how to inspire engagement and influence change by creating healthy collaborative communities of practice

  • Coaching Bootcamp for Change Leaders

    A hands-on workshop for leaders leading change. Become a change management change coach and thrive with our new normal

  • PMO Setup

    Learn how to establish, implement and operationalize a strategic PMO

  • Building High Performance Project Team Leaders

    A hands-on workshop that focuses on the leadership skills needed to build engaged and high-performing teams in today's competitive market. Learn how to attract and keep them engaged at all times

  • Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp

    A hands-on workshop for mastering the soft skills needed to lead in our crazy changing world

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