A PMO enables successful project delivery

Are your projects aligned with your organizational strategy?

A successful PMO ensures your company is working on the right things by prioritizing work based on what matters most. Without a Program Management Office (PMO), organizations risk projects that go beyond budget, scope, and the deadline for completion. …. Developing and implementing PMO structures across an organization is easier said than done. People naturally resist the new processes, new roles, and sometimes don’t even see the value in the new structured approach of delivering projects. Our core competency in change management helps companies translate the benefits of their PMOs and overcome resistance to change andreduce project risk.

PMO Assessment

Evaluates and documents existing processes, functionalities of the PMO, PM education, training

PMO Methodology Development

Leverages and implements an extensive library of proven processes, tools and templates

PMO Capability Development

Provides training and mentoring to project leaders as they apply the methodology on projects

PMO Deployment

Applies a change management approach to deploy the PMO methodology across the organization

Whether you are starting a PMO or looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your project portfolio, we can help!

We leverage proven processes and best practices for deploying a new PMO or optimizing your existing PMO so you can speed project delivery and reduce project risk. or simply offer PMO consulting on various project management facets including governance processes, optimizing resource utilization and improving project performance. Regardless of your challenges we offer a variety of PMO services and are ready to tailor our project management methodology for your organization. 

Bottom line

Our PMO framework enables you to reduce project risk, increase efficiency and improve collaboration by:

  • Standardizing cross-departmental project management processes

  • Ensuring better allocation of scarce resources based on strategic priorities

  • Aligning IT and business objectives

  • Ensuring consistent access to decision makers and resources

  • Improving cross-departmental lines of communication

The right strategy for your business is just a click away