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Lead & Thrive With Constant Change!

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Lead & Thrive With
Constant Change!

Expert advice in developing change capabilities and solutions that produce long-term results now and in the future.

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How do you help your people keep up with constant change?
How are you or your teams performing through this uncertainty?
How are you dealing with constant disruption, our new normal?

Progressive Leadership, Inc. assists businesses in leading and adapting to change. Why? Because if your company isn’t changing and adapting to our new normal, you have NO advantage over the company that is out of business! 

We’re a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in strategic change management, leadership development, and program management advisory services. Our ultimate goal is to ensure user adoption, increase internal capability, and maximize project success. We will help you accelerate your transformation goals and be future proof for today’s changing economy by incorporating our tried-and-true change management and leadership solutions.

Let's Turn Change Into

Your competitive advantage​

Over the past years, we’ve worked with companies that had great ideas and abundant money yet couldn’t flex to the changing market and deliver value to their customers. But we’ve also worked with companies that had average ideas and a limited budget yet did remarkably well with their customers and people.


The ability to adapt quickly, learn new skills and lead fiercely in our crazy changing world. You are here because you understand how critical it is to implement change before it’s too late. And you are well aware of how costly it can be to you, your team, and your company if change is not easily and readily accepted by everyone in your organization. It doesn’t have to be that way…

Implement Change & Maximize user Adoption

By managing the people side of change

Whether your business transformation involves a system implementation, a business process redesign or an organizational restructuring the true challenge lies if your people are on board. Real, sustainable change that provides sustainable results happens when your people embrace and adopt quickly; otherwise, your change efforts will FAIL… it’s that simple!!!

Our Capabilities

The Sky Is The Limit

Our capabilities are founded on a superior breadth of knowledge and expertise in change management, organizational development, leadership development and program management. While most organizations are doing a great job in designing and implementing technology solutions, they often struggle in supporting the people side of change. We help our clients bridge that gap by creating change strategies that are engaging, realistic and achievable for your organization. 


Who We Really Are

Our Guiding Values

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you and your teams manage change and achieve immediate results, you’ve come to the right place. Our values serve as a compass, guiding us in what we do and how we do it.

We’re all about VALUE—no ifs, ands, or fluffs.

Our approach is simple and timeless: we provide a tailored solution and recommendation based on your specific needs, drawing on our insights, experience, and knowledge of current management trends. Our clients want to work with us because they trust our experience and expertise, and they know we will always do the right thing.


  • People First

    We build long-term relationships with clients by being responsive, relevant, and consistently delivering value

  • Integrity

    We set the bar high by keeping our promises and saying and doing the right things

  • Innovation

    We commit to lifelong learning and continuous improvement

  • Collaboration

    We collaborate together to find the best solution for you and deliver exceptional results

What happens when you work with us?

You Get Actual Results

Alone we are smart; together, we are brilliant. Our efficient and proprietary change management solutions focus on helping you reach your business transformation goals with less resistance, less risk and less downtime. We believe creating an engaged, focused change capability within your organization is one of the best things you can do for your bottom line.

Our clients enjoy:

  • Higher levels of employee engagement

  • Increased time to prepare for the change

  • Better alignment of existing resources

  • Increased return on your change investment

  • Increased sustainability of the implemented changes

  • Reduced stress and a greater sense of control

  • Better cooperation, collaboration and communication!

Our Service Offerings

Accelerate Change Adoption


    Enabling change leaders to successfully architect and plan for the different phases of change


    Developing Internal Change Capability for consistent user adoption


    Designing and managing PMOs that enable successful project delivery


    Helping to bridge the gap between strategy and execution


    Providing leadership solutions (assessments, workshops, and coaching) to assist organizations in developing change leaders who lead with clarity, compassion, and agility


    Training Solutions that support learning, user adoption and drive optimal performance

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“With Carole's guidance, I was able to see possibilities where I previously saw dead ends. I'd recommend Carole to anyone ready to reinvent their business and deal with our new normal.”

Christine S. Senior Director, Nationwide

“What I really love about Carole  is that she is a straightshooter. She quickly cuts through the noise and helps you focus on what needs to be done. With her warm but witty personality, she empowers you to move beyond ideas and take action. What we spent years talking about with our team, we were able to accomplish in such a short time with her help.”

— E. Smith, Senior VP GM

Progressive Leadership was really effective at bringing together our leadership team to align on mission, values, and business transformation priorities. Carole spent time to understand our organizational culture and facilitated every meeting, interview and workshop in a way that led us to design actionable change plans that improved communication, user adoption and transparency amongst all our teams.

— S. Walter, Senior VP HONDA

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