Progressive leadership

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Your projects and the people that lead your projects are what will make your business transformation efforts successful. Effective project management is the engine that powers change. When projects fail, companies lose money, time, and market share.

People-Driven Methodology

Change Management is not new. Companies have been managing change for a very long time. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we found ways of integrating the “people aspect” of change in our proprietary and very comprehensive change management methodology.

Knowledge, Tools, Experience

Innovative and customized change management solutions are a MUST if you want to drive change effectively. Our Big 5 consulting experience along with our proven record helped us develop some of the best tools in the OCM area.


Defining the CHANGE areas in an organization is the easy part. Getting your people to commit to the change is the difficult work. Research shows that 75% of change initiatives fail.

Why do these change projects fail?

Companies are failing to support the people side of change. To transform your organization and its culture, you must focus on what maximizes individual change. Change is very personal. Organizational change succeeds when change is understood, is safe to try, is co-created and becomes a habit.

Through our collaborative process, individual coaching, group workshops, tools and agile industry best practices from proven methodologies across several disciplines, we break down your change programs into manageable parts so you can have clear visibility into the challenges and opportunities.


At Progressive Leadership, our mission is clear. We provide consulting and learning solutions that will best help our clients drive sustainable change. We will provide you with innovative skills to re-imagine work and learn to thrive with constant disruption.


Your Leaders Drive the Change

It may sound like a cliche, but leadership is the key to successful change management. Our change management strategies will help your leaders organize & align their people around the change initiative and expected outcomes in no time. The sky is the limit once you have the right people driving your business transformation projects.


Client Partnered Approach

Our working approach is very simple—people support what they help create. ... We use our effective Progressive Change Approach©, a framework grounded in principles from multiple leading practice frameworks such as PMBOK® from PMI®, ADKAR® from Prosci®, and others, to evaluate your transformational challenges and deliver value by developing change leaders within your organization, thus putting emphasis on your long-term investment—your “people.” Clients enjoy working with us because we combine the expertise and disciplined approach of a top professional services firm; yet have the agility of a small, entrepreneurial firm that delivers practical, cost-effective solutions.

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