Change is Constant and accelerating faster than ever

Enable change by elevating the people who lead the change

Whether you are implementing a minor process change or undertaking a major business transformation, your people need to be able to adapt to change quickly; otherwise, it can have devastating results to your bottom line. …

Companies with long, successful track records are being passed by startups who are more agile and adaptable to today’s constant disruption. 

Our Progressive Change Approach©, a framework grounded in principles from multiple leading practice frameworks such as PMBOK® from PMI®, ADKAR® from Prosci®, Corporate Coaching from CoachU®, Agile Methodologies from PMI® and others, can help you and your team navigate this changing landscape by arming you with the right capabilities to thrive today.

Our Mission

To develop change leaders within your organization, thus putting emphasis on your long-term investment—your “people.” … 

The odds are against you when it comes to successful business transformation implementations. Statistics show that as many as 75% of those projects fail or produce minimal of their intended results. 

So, why do these projects fail? Business leaders neglect to focus and support the people who lead the change. Yet, how well you integrate your transformation projects with the “people side of change” is what will help you stay on schedule, stay on budget and increase the probability of meeting your objectives.

How We Help

At Progressive Leadership we assist organizations to architect a plan for the different stages of change, help them understand how change impacts the whole organization (people, systems processes, organizational culture), enable their change leaders to accelerate adoption, minimize program risks and drive business results.

People Support What They Help Create

No matter what business, …. Together, we will co-create and co-innovate solutions that help you improve resilience and drive sustainable growth. ... From assessments to training and coaching your change leaders, we will help build momentum and make sure change sticks!

Our Processs

1. Plan The Change

We use our proprietary Progressive Change Capability Assessment© to identify your organization’s ability to navigate, accept and thrive through change. Our independent, technology-agnostic assessment identifies opportunities for key pieces of organizational change management, including:


  • Cultural Readiness…Are we ready for the change?
  • Leadership & Sponsorship…Do we have a strong champion? Are our leaders ready
  • Organizational Structure…Does our structure allow for this change?
  • Change Management Competencies…What do we need to learn
  • Standardization…How consistent are we with our change efforts
  • Metrics…How do we measure our change success?
2. Manage & Execute The Change

Stakeholder Impact Analysis
Every business project has a number of important individuals who can help or hinder its success. Whether you are working on a small project or a large transformation initiative across your organization, you should take the time to analyze your stakeholders.


By understanding who they are, the influence they have, and how they will be impacted by the change, you will be able to develop strategies to accommodate their needs and mitigate risk. When you keep your stakeholders in mind, you’re always going to be ahead of the change game.


Program Branding & Outreach
Developing a strong identity and marketing plan for your change initiative helps your people understand why the change is necessary, who is making the decisions and how the changes will impact them. From targeted presentations, change champion groups, social media and traditional print media, our branding program ensures awareness, engagement and ultimately adoption by your end-users.


Communications Campaign
A good communication campaign will help you outline what you need to communicate, to whom, when and how. Developing a clear communication strategy at the beginning of your project will ensure that your change team and its change champions deliver a consistent message through all project phases.


Training & Learning Development
People are challenged by transitions. While no one likes to admit it, everyone is uncomfortable with change.

It requires learning something new, and most often, we don’t have time to learn something new. At Progressive Leadership, we help you create a modern innovative training plan that will address their learning gaps and provide the tools to drive the adoption of any business transformation.

3. Reinforce The Change

Business success, now more than ever, hinges on your ability to reinforce the new behaviors learned and assure that everyone in your organization is committed to the new way of working.


If your company rolled out a new system, a new methodology, then you need to reinforce the business benefits of the change by supporting your people with the necessary follow-up coaching and course corrections to ensure they adopt the change.

Our Benefits

If you want to improve your organization’s ability to enable change, let us help. Some of the immediate benefits you can see are:


  • Improved planning and execution of business transformation initiatives

  • Efficient and effective governance amongst cross-functional teams

  • Improved governance of change management and change adoption

  • Alignment between change management and project management methodologies

The right strategy for your business is just a click away