Change Faster & Better

Developing Organizational Change Capability

Does your organization have the right people to implement change?
How well do your change leaders communicate the “Why” you need the change?
Does your company hire external consultants every time they implement a transformation initiative?
Riding the waves of change

Leading in the new normal

To effectively manage ongoing, complex programs of change, more companies realize that it is imperative to invest in your change leadership capabilities throughout your organization. You can no longer rely on occasional change management consulting advice to help you cope with your business transformation projects. Your change leaders need to have the tools and training solutions at all times.

Change Management is more than a trendy buzz word

Organizations that invest in internal change management capabilities will not only adapt faster and easier to change but will have a clear advantage over their competitors.

As companies continue to face fluctuating economic conditions, new technologies, and new ways of working, the need for putting in place a Change Management Office (CMO) is a smart choice to ensure success.

How We Help

We understand the challenges involved in developing and sustaining an internal change management capability. Our holistic, people-centered Progressive Change Approach© builds on your organization’s cultural strengths and, most importantly, makes your people part of the solution.

  • Plan & design a Change Management Office for your organization

  • Provide Change Management Workshops for senior leadership

  • Train and align change practitioners to one consistent change approach​

  • Establish a change agent network

  • Deploy Progressive Leadership’s Change Methodology© (customize if needed)

  • Offer Post-Deployment Support to change leaders

The Benefits To You

Our goal is to help you establish an enterprise-wide Change Management Office and become a change agile organization. Some of the immediate Change Management Office (CMO) benefits include:

  • Alignment between change management and program/project

  • Consolidation of change management methodologies across the enterprise

  • Improved planning and execution of business transformation initiatives

  • Efficient and effective governance amongst cross-functional teams

  • Improved governance of change management and change adoption

  • Integrated change management into governance/ gate reviews

The right strategy for your business is just a click away