Leadership Coaching & Development

Do you want to take yourself and your team to the next level?
Do you want to create more impact, balance, passion, and purpose in your life?
Do you want to pivot your business offerings?

If success is what you're striving for, then you are in the right place

Just as top athletes need coaches to improve their performance, managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs and executives also benefit by having a coach focus their efforts, identify barriers and hone their leadership skills. 

The old cliché, “lead, follow or get out of the way,” has never been more applicable. In our ever-changing, fast-paced corporate world, constant personal development and vision alignment on every level are crucial. If you hesitate, if you are indecisive… you lose.


Leadership To The Next Level

  • Improve leadership skills such as coaching, delegating, giving feedback, influencing, driving innovation

  • Develop new ways to pivot, plan, and perform in times of uncertainty and constant disruption

  • Address long-term strategic issues related to business impact, organizational change, culture and scaling

  • Evaluate what's important, what is possible and improve your personal productivity and engagement

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How We Help

  • You want to be better in your organizational role, lead with more impact, build your executive presence, and inspire and influence your team, but you also want to improve your work-life balance. So, how do you balance all these priorities?

  • Our Progressive Leadership™ coaching approach will provide you with the frameworks, support, and guidance to create your best possible future by helping you sharpen your existing leadership skills and focus on obstacles that are getting in your way and affecting you, your team, and your personal effectiveness.

  • We will use various tools and resources, including assessments (Everything DiSC®, Gallup Strengths, MeetUP), to explore your unique talents, strengths, communications, leadership style and organizational challenges. Based on the assessment results and the individual pre-work, we will draft an action plan and work on the goals that matter most for you, your team and your business.

The Benefits To You

  • Clarified long-term vision for your role within your organization

  • Increased performance and satisfaction

  • Improved Change Agility Skills

  • Higher satisfaction and morale for those under your leadership

  • Increased employee retention and productivity

  • Improved decision-making and greater productivity

  • Greater leverage of your unique strengths, value and skills

  • Less stress and more satisfaction for you, personally and professional

Leadership Coaching Packages That Fit Your Needs:


Bi-weekly Sessions


Leadership Plan

3 to 6-month commitment


Group Coaching

Team Assesments

Bi-weekly sessions

3 to 6-month commitment


Impromptu coaching

Suitable for leaders on an as-needed basis


90-minute session

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