Successful Project Delivery

Bridging The Gap With Synergy

Project Managers can become so overwhelmed with organizing and managing the day-to-day activities of a project that they often do not have time to focus on the driving force that determines project success—their people. While the difference between management and leadership will forever be debated, when it comes to projects, the distinction is pretty simple. You manage the process and lead the people.

Manage the Process. Lead the People

Project leaders are more than just project managers. They have a solid understanding of how processes and technology work, along with agile leadership skills to drive optimum results. Your success is not measured by your ability to develop impressive work plans and deliverables, but rather by your ability to put your leadership and interpersonal skills into action!

At Progressive Leadership Inc., we deepen your project leadership skills by providing competency and skill assessments and individualized project leadership coaching.

We will guide you through vision definition, governance, benefits management, stakeholder communication and everything else you need to create and deliver the new systems, processes and structures for your stakeholders. 

Project Leadership

Areas That We Can Help You:

  • Enterprise Program Leadership

    Aligning people, processes and projects to strategic enterprise initiatives

  • Stakeholder Alignment and Governance

    Ensuring that everyone on your team focuses on the right things

  • Change Management Integration

    Incorporating change management tasks, deliverables and risks into the project plan

  • Project/Program Management Delivery 

    Helping you guide, lead and support your high visibility initiatives

  • Project Leadership Training

    Building internal capability that strengthens your project manager competencies

  • Project Leadership Coaching

    Coaching the hard & soft skills for effective project delivery

Successful Project Delivery

Bridging The Gap With Synergy

Whether managing a post-merger & acquisitions integration or implementing an enterprise resource planning package, we can help you select the right project leaders and ensure that they have what they need to turn your project initiatives off the ground on time, on budget, and on strategy.

The right strategy for your business is just a click away